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PDM company for general contracting, maintenance and operation This giant edifice was established by the Grace of Allah Almighty, the determination and determination of the founders of the company, their trust in God and failure to give a chance in their lives, but to take the decisions that bear a large percentage of the risk. The founders started to follow the work and supervise the implementation themselves for the accuracy of execution and speed of accomplishment, which had the great impact after the reconciliation of God and then the personal support of our good government, which God cherished and provided him with his help and success for the establishment of this glorious edifice which contributed earnestly and sincerely in the implementation Many vital projects in various areas of water and sanitation, roads, dams, buildings and airports.

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Why choose us

Excavations Works

We work in support of projects with skilled labor, manpower and advanced equipment and specialized in the field of drilling and in cooperation with our certified partners and we do our work with the latest advanced equipment accurately and high implementation speed.


Water & drainage works

We do all the work of sewer & drinking water and sanitation networks properly and at reasonable prices and prices for all.


Construction buildings & dams

Specialized in the construction and restoration of buildings with the finest quality and speed of implementation and international specifications to include our work:

  • – Engineering Design.
    – Risk Management
    – Time management
    – Quality Management
    – Cost control.
    – Supervise all stages of implementation.
  • Implementation within quality standards and engineering specifications.

Maintenance & construction

Our company conducts all kinds of contracting for paving, paving and construction of roads and maintenance .Our company conducts all kinds of contracting for paving, paving and construction of roads and maintenance .Our company conducts all kinds of contracting for paving, paving and construction of roads and maintenance .Our company conducts all kinds of contracting for paving, paving and construction of roads and maintenance .


FitOut Projects

PDM ARABIA designs, implements or executes the owner’s designs for finishing, interior decoration and landscaping according to the approved designs.

The company is characterized by finishing many institutions, ministries, hotels, embassies and private offices …..


Operations & Maintenance & FM Management

Today, BDM Arabia is classified as one of the leading companies in the field of maintenance and operation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through its participation in providing the market with cost effective methods that in turn guarantee the effectiveness, safety and efficiency of the facilities affiliated with BDM Arabia customers. Regardless of the size, scope, or complexity of the mission, BDM Arabia provides professional services in a wide variety of disciplines, enabling its clients to achieve success across broad goals.

Among the services provided by BDM Arabia professionally:

• Drinking and sanitation water to treat, distribute and dispose of it.

• Centralized and decentralized heating and ventilation systems.

• Communications systems and networks.

• Central Control.

• Electronic systems and their subsystems.

• Smart system systems.

• Maintenance of buildings.

• Maintenance of the towers.

• Public utility.

• Maintenance of hotels, hospitals and universities.

• Maintaining roads, floors, sidewalks, and asphalt works.

• Security guard services.

Pest and insect control.

• Agriculture and irrigation.

• Maintain all mechanical systems and accessories.

• Maintenance of all electrical systems and accessories.

• Maintenance of solar energy systems.

• Management of warehouses and their inventory.

• Care for fish and pets.


Our Vision

As for what we aspire to in our company is to supply the industrial line with all the necessary expertise and performance of the tasks assigned to us to be with our partners in the forefront and keep up with the aspirations and vision of rational leadership to reach together to 2030 ."

most works

We are passionate about partnering with clients in their most challenging projects and helping them maintain their competitive edge.

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All works

Company PDF

you can know about us, just show the PDF

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We are passionate about partnering with clients in their most challenging projects and helping them maintain their competitive edge.

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latest news

Ministry of Rural

The Ministry of Rural and Municipal Affairs said on Tuesday that 126 employees were arrested in “local government ” in different parts of the kingdom, after being involved in corruption cases.

“They have been charged with involvement in, inter alia, financial and administrative corruption and legal irregularities such as exploiting power, abuse of authority and criminal offenses,” the ministry said in a statement published on its Twitter account.

“The investigation included employees in the municipality of Riyadh, Jeddah, the holy capital of Ahsa, Al-Baha, Al-Jouf, the northern and eastern borders, Taif, Tabuk, Jizan, Hail, Hafr al-Batin and Najran qassim ,” the statement added. “The ministry will take all legal measures against the defendants in cooperation with the competent authorities,” he said.

International Contracting Conference

A new exhibition and conference dedicated to the construction sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be launched in Riyadh next week, where government agencies, regulators and key companies in the sector will unite their efforts to develop the building and construction market in the kingdom, which amounts to 1.4 trillion dollars. American.

The first session of the International Contracting Conference and Exhibition (ICCE) will take place in 16 and continue until September 17, 2018 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre, where the achievement of a sustainable contracting sector has become one of the most important topics for all parties.

This two-day event is held under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Kasabi, Minister of Trade and investment Saudi Arabia, and is hosted by the Saudi Contractors Authority, a newly established government body responsible for organizing the contracting sector in the Kingdom and increasing mergers and acquisitions in the market. Construction and construction projects are expected to increase in the coming years.

According to project Intelligence Ventures on site, as of September 2018, the total value of construction projects in Saudi Arabia involving buildings, industry, energy, water, oil, gas and infrastructure is estimated at 1.4 trillion US dollars. At the same time, the value of establishing new construction in Saudi Arabia is expected to rise to 44.1 billion US dollars in 2019, compared to US $26.1 billion in 2018.

Saudi Contractors Authority

Saudi Basic Industries Company (SABIC) today signed a memorandum of understanding with the Saudi authority for contractors, which will enhance cooperation efforts in the construction sector, which is the second largest non-oil sector in the kingdom, and the field of contracting is an essential part of it.

The MOU was signed by the deputy chief Executive officer for Engineering and project management at Sabic, engineer Omar al-Amoudi, and the secretary general of the Saudi authority for contractors, Eng. Thabet bin Mubarak al-Sweed.

In accordance with this memorandum, SABIC will share its expertise to contribute to the efforts to improve the practices in the contracting sector, which would lead to the successful and safe implementation of construction projects in a high quality, thus contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the vision of the Kingdom 2030, and the note supports the efforts Exchanging knowledge among institutions, and assisting in the application of best practices in the field of contracting.

“We are proud to work with the Saudi Contractors authority to support and guide the construction sector by sharing our extensive experience in the field of construction project management, contracting, sustainability, qualification and selection,” said Sabic deputy chairman and CEO Yousef bin Abdullah al-Bunyan. Contractors “.

Contractors Showroom

Eng. Majid bin Abdullah Al Busardi, Deputy Minister of Trade and Investment, officially opened the International Contracting Conference and Exhibition (ICCE) at its first session in the capital Riyadh.
The two-day conference, held under the patronage of Minister Dr. Majid al-Kasabi and hosted by the Saudi Contractors Authority (SCA), will guide the future of the Saudi contracting sector towards sustainability in line with industry best practices.
The first conference and exhibition of its kind was opened at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center and comes under the direction of the vision of the Kingdom 2030, where many topics are discussed, including the localization and rehabilitation of the Saudi contracting sector, project management, quality, safety and other important subjects during the Conference period.
Eng. Osama al-Afaleq, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi authority, stressed the importance of unifying the joint vision between the authority and contractors in order to find solutions to all challenges in the contracting sector and encourage creativity and enhance communication and education and provide facilities and protection not only for members of the Commission, but for the sector Construction and construction as a whole.
The Saudi authority for contractors (Saudi Arabian government authority responsible for regulating the contracting sector in the Kingdom and supporting mergers and acquisitions in the sector in Saudi Arabia) signed a memorandum of understanding with both the company, integration and construction Excellence of the British.
“Economic diversification plans consistent with the kingdom’s vision 2030 have added momentum to the kingdom’s construction sector, currently estimated at $1.4 trillion,” said Ahmed Pauls, CEO of Messe Frankfurt Middle East.

Awaya Development Project

Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Emir of the Eastern Province, inaugurated the project to develop the middle of al-Awamiya in Qatif province, stressing that the project will be a source of radiation for Awamiah and Qatif people.
“Today I am happier than anyone and I am opening a development project amid al-Awamiya, the dream has turned into reality after a whole year,” he said in a press statement after the project opened.
He added that the development project of the center of Al-Awamiah came under the guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and formed an integrated working team for the project, by converting a random and harmful area to the parents in particular and the governorate of Qatif in general, which represented an environmental hazard and a non-living area It generates rotten spots, a cultural heritage area that possesses all the ingredients.
He asserted that all landlords received full compensation for their property, noting that the governorate of Qatif received the papers of all landlords who received their compensation, and pointed out that the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques was directed to host the owners of real estate, which was done, then start the secretariat of the Eastern region at the stage Construction.

OUR companies

We are passionate about partnering with clients in their most challenging projects and helping them maintain their competitive edge.

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