Operations & Maintenance & FM Management

Today, BDM Arabia is classified as one of the leading companies in the field of maintenance and operation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through its participation in providing the market with cost effective methods that in turn guarantee the effectiveness, safety and efficiency of the facilities affiliated with BDM Arabia customers. Regardless of the size, scope, or complexity of the mission, BDM Arabia provides professional services in a wide variety of disciplines, enabling its clients to achieve success across broad goals.

Among the services provided by BDM Arabia professionally:

• Drinking and sanitation water to treat, distribute and dispose of it.

• Centralized and decentralized heating and ventilation systems.

• Communications systems and networks.

• Central Control.

• Electronic systems and their subsystems.

• Smart system systems.

• Maintenance of buildings.

• Maintenance of the towers.

• Public utility.

• Maintenance of hotels, hospitals and universities.

• Maintaining roads, floors, sidewalks, and asphalt works.

• Security guard services.

Pest and insect control.

• Agriculture and irrigation.

• Maintain all mechanical systems and accessories.

• Maintenance of all electrical systems and accessories.

• Maintenance of solar energy systems.

• Management of warehouses and their inventory.

• Care for fish and pets.