About Us

About Us

PDM company for general contracting, maintenance and operation This giant edifice was established by the Grace of Allah Almighty, the determination and determination of the founders of the company, their trust in God and failure to give a chance in their lives, but to take the decisions that bear a large percentage of the risk. The founders started to follow the work and supervise the implementation themselves for the accuracy of execution and speed of accomplishment, which had the great impact after the reconciliation of God and then the personal support of our good government, which God cherished and provided him with his help and success for the establishment of this glorious edifice which contributed earnestly and sincerely in the implementation Many vital projects in various areas of water and sanitation, roads, dams, buildings and airports.

our history

Experience and facilities to deliver domestic and international requirements

  • 2005


    After the company was founded by light energy Contracting in Saudi Arabia and then expanded to include:

    • – Maintenance and operation
      – Interior design and implementation
      – Cleaning.
      – Security Services.
      – Interior finishes.
      – LANDSCAPE.
      – Security solutions.

  • 2004


    PDM ARABIA, was established in Saudi Arabia to provide the appropriate service as required in the field of general contracting, road maintenance, drilling, drainage, interior design and security systems.

  • 2007

    The Foundation

    We are a Saudi international company for general contracting services, maintenance, operation, drilling and interior design.

  • 2018

    Our web site

    Our website has been launched to provide our business and long experience in the world of contracting in the appropriate form


We got thanks to God and his success and then thanks to the excellence of our business to the trust of our valued customers.

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